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14 days to go and more of the NZ life slips away

14 days to goFlickr: Liz's old carWe (well, I say "we" but really I mean Liz) has given away the old car. Now whilst it was never "my" car as Liz brought it into the relationship in (much the same way I brought all the good music) I did get quite attached to the old girl ... the car, not Liz.

It did the Riversdale's proud as it traveled the length of the country taking us here, there and everywhere and never complained (too much).

Mind you Liz never expected to get any money for it so we gave it away to a mate of Graeme's. I hope the new owner cultivates the mould growing on the floor where Jack used to sit as much as the wee fella did by feeding it lollies, crisps and assorted sandwiches.