6°c in Christchurch but looking foward to 29°c in Singapore

1 week and 1 day to go at work and I'm looking forward to hotter climes ...

Already we're having to say goodbye to things. The final Wednesday lunch time with Jack, Me gand Liz happened a few weeks ago and it occured to both Liz and I that, well, that was it.

Since recognising it I've got very VERY excited about going ... even if the money situ will be tight (and tighter after I've left work for many a reason, *sigh*) But, we'll have enough to get there, look around and find me a job.

Now that Jack's 3rd birthday is done and dusted we are totally focussed on the trip from here (Christchurch) to there (Monmouth) via Singapore (where it is 29°c). I have almost closed my mind down to the current work place (one more review on collaboration tools to publish) and then it's totally on!

And on that (or more correctly, a completely different) note, check out DoF's sign's here and here which lead me, via a conversation and Google, to here and ultimately here ... weird


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