FIFA World Cup - blogs and vlogs from my bro's mate

"vlog" = video log ... probably.

My brothers best man Stu is a film/TV producer and he and his company have hooked onto the Yahoo! teat as they produce a video-log ('vlog') with some England soccer-dude going by the name of Lee Sharpe (is/was he famous?). All at FIFA Worldcup - Yahoo! Sport UK

Whilst Stu is over in Germany (yes, he gets to go to a lot of games) he's also writing his own blog
Aaaaand, his missus (which I understand is the totally wrong phrase to use) has an amazing job:
Dr. Bains writes about optics and optoelectronics, robotics and machine perception, and emerging computing technologies. Her interests range from holographic associative memories and analogue neural networks to nanotech-based sensors and artificial muscles.

... so you thought my career description was out there ;-)


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