Leaving is all about timing

Carol, in whose house the Riversdale's have been living for the past 9 months (it was meant to be a lot less but then Rob announced the wedding and ... see many previous postings) ... she's into House, the TV show, and this week (Tue I think?) is the final in the present series and as well as being the end of a "To be continued ....". A main character is probably gonna die - I could look it up but I don't want to know.

And, it'll be the penultimate Tue (is it?) in Christchurch. Timing ... almost.

Of course, this is much like buying a new car (stick with me) ... when you buy a new car then suddenly the road is full of the same model, colour and accessories. If you hear a new band and love their new single then all of a sudden all you hear is that song or songs like it. Coincidences don't exist ... or, they exist all the time.

I'm looking for Christchurch endings. Not all will be as neat and convenient as House ... but I'm glad that I can share this one with Carol.


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