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Anyone you know DoF? Streaker's bikini is mine - jilted truckie / TradeMe auction

And as Stuff has a history of removing articles within seconds of them being read here it is for posterity:
Streaker's bikini is mine - jilted truckie
14 June 2006

A Waikato truckie says he should get any proceeds from the sale of the bikini that rugby test streaker Lisa Lewis is auctioning on the Trade Me internet site.

In a twist to the tale of Saturday night's pitch invasion at the All Blacks-Ireland game in Hamilton, the 32-year-old driver – a jilted lover who does not want to be named for family reasons – said he had hired a lawyer to try to halt the auction until the rightful recipient of the proceeds had been determined. He said the bikini – latest bid $1060 – was among an estimated $82,000 of purchases he showered on Ms Lewis until their brief relationship ended before Christmas.

When contacted, Ms Lewis rejected all the driver's claims. After saying she would seek legal advice, she called back to say she would not comment.

The man said his spending included more than $13,500 on breast augmentation – not counting accommodation costs – for Ms Lewis in Auckland last November. That was followed by further botox treatment at the same plastic surgery clinic.

"I was at the match and didn't notice it was her," the driver said. "But counting the boobs and bikini, she had over $15,000 worth of my (gifts) out there on the night."

Ms Lewis is facing a claim of $3615 in the Disputes Tribunal in Tauranga being brought by the driver.

The amount relates to money he alleges she borrowed after their relationship was over.

"It made me physically sick that she had the audacity to sell the bikini bought on my credit card."

In documentation filed with the Disputes Tribunal on May 3, Ms Lewis acknowledged the man gave her numerous gifts "including paying a total of $30,000 at least, for plastic surgery".

She said the gifts were "to try and win me over to have a relationship".

The driver said he regretted spending the money. During their relationship he was spending $7000 a week on her, he said.


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