When old doctors blub on TV

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingMaaaate, I loved it. That old fella ... well, not that old but expressed some fairly antiquarian attitudes ... John someone blubbed on about how these pesky junior doctors are killing the 'doctor/patient' relationship.

And when I say "blubbed" I mean in a classic British way - chin wobble, shaky hands and out of seat with hand waving in front of the camera in a feeble attempt to not be seen. Oh, and the way the camera just kept on filming was classic, you could hear the director screaming into the operators ear, "Keep on him! KEEP ON HIM! This is gold"

Three things, starting with BOLLOCKS! I want awake and competent doctors and whatever it takes to get that is good enough by me. I don't see any special "patient/doctor" relationship; I mean, there might have been 200 years ago but fuck off, it's a job - I don't have any special relationship with the postie, the mechanic or the shop assistant ... I don't, and I don't care what the rumours were.

And finally. They are getting (from the particular DHB this weeping doctor works at) $200/hour to cover the juniors and his answer around this was, "It's not about the money!" ... BOLLOCKS. If it's not, give it away or just get paid the same as a junior.

I could've got very annoyed about that last point but who can be angry with an old person when they're crying ...


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