What a weekend ... and what a flight

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Wellington weather put on a hell of a show on Saturday, it was just cracking.

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The friends turned out in force at the Brewery Bar to cheer and cajole the All Blacks to a win against the Irish. BTW: the staff at the Bewery Bar admit the new fit-out isn't working and it's all gonna change sometime soon ...

There was much partying afterwards at various places around Courtenay Place - Monkey Bar (now a gay bar which was surprise for some of the crew, hee hee), Vespa Lounge (best "make me a refreshing cocktail" of the evening), Kitty's and somewhere else I can't remember ... it was a great night.

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Arizona for the obligatory slap up big breakfast (at 11am) on Sunday with the mates and back to the airport. All I can say is at least the weather managed to hold off for one day BUT it was BLOODY rough (scary) taking off, fairly bumpy down the east coast of the South Island and BLOODY rough (scary) landing at Christchurch. I hate flying!


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