Cute Or Terrifying

On the face of it this handwritten note on the neighbours window is cute and funny. Pop some movie horror music on it, add a little backstory, and this becomes a terrifying note just before the killings begin again!

Moving to a new Wiki

Wetpaint, where I'm wiki'ing my KM heart outMoving what to a new what? I said, I'm moving to a new Wiki ... a new place to stick all my "knowledge management" ideas, approaches and techniques on the Web and anyone can edit. I'm moving from the current Wiki (based on Mediawiki which runs the beloved yet always under fire Wikipedia) to a new Wiki doo-fangle called Wetpaint. Why? Coz it's a gazzilion times easier to use and I like it.

So, new KM wiki is at:
All though the content hasn't yet been moved from

Thanks for the heads-up at TechCrunch » Blog Archive » Wetpaint Launches: Wikis Evolve