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So this is why Rob is in Stockholm

12 days to goThe rock stars go crazy - W. Axl Rose arrested near Stockholm - Wikinews

"Potter, Harry Potter" - welllll, the hints for the seventh and final book are starting to come out of Rowling. Potter might be one of the two characters that will die. Shame she has to talk about "hate mail" at such an early stage, aren't people just a wee bit mad sometimes.

Flock/Firefox+Meebo user - I'm sure you are. Then check out this extension bringing them together. I echo the "... Meebo’s support of the project ..." call - go for it guys!

And finally ... *sheesh*, whatever next - Kiwi's wear more socks than Thai's but not as much as Canadians ... Kiwi's are only the fourth most fantabulous people in the world ... !?!?