Here's To ALL The Women

A resounding cheer to ALL the women and especially to those I have known, do know, and are yet to know.

It's common knowledge that I'm no 'manly man' and, at a BBQ, I'm much more likely to be found in the kitchen chatting or at the table drinking with women than standing around the fire discussing car acronyms with men (or the women that are into car word salad).

I love women, they are in all ways way more fun, interesting, intriguing, and different. They experience the world through such a different lense than myself (white, aged-ish, male) that it's ALWAYS the best to be with them.

Men, meh, I know what they're like, I am one.

So once again here's to all the wāhine, you make the world shine.
Woman putting on her coloured Doc Martin boots

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