My Nan

Gladys, my Nan, would be quietly proud, a little faux-embarrassed, and definitely pink around the cheeks if she knew I was publishing her photo on #InternationalWomensDay
Gladys Rogers, my Nan
Of course she would marvel at the ability to do any of this, have a digital photo that I can blur the background on suggestion of a million other computers connected by light cables from all over the planet.

She'd marvel, but not be overwhelmed.

As with the vast majority of the women who've touched my life over the years it is their ability to weather the changes that has always amazed me. These changes can come from bad places, amazing times, or simply the ever accelerating pace of change on this planet. They take change, absorb it, and get on with life.

In absorbing it something is both added and lost. A cost is always paid. And they always pay up.

Women eh, fucking astounding, and so so much stronger than the majority of men I know, myself included at the top of that pile.


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