"Right Wing" Comedians

Too many people comfortably plump themselves into an army of one type or another. Surrounded by those that sound like you, listen to you intently whilst nodding, and echo your thoughts on why the fight is a good fight and that the other side are such bad terrible people.

I used to be more like that than I am nowadays ... hmmmm, aren't we humans meant to become more conservative and reactionary as we age, strange Mike.

These thoughts have me thinking of two UK comedians that have been tagged as "right wing", which is putting them into an army for the benefit of someone but, I suspect, not them.

Simon Evans

First up, Simon Evans who makes me laugh when he's talking about his family, kids, and life in Brighton. He then hit my ears big time with:

Simon Evans Goes to Market, has had six seasons, delighting audiences with his witty and insightful take on the comedically unpromising territory of economics, all of which prove among the most popular downloads on the Sounds App.

On the BBC News Quiz he always gives a different view from the majority of the panel, expresses some views that we know won't come out unless he says them. And makes everyone laugh when he does.

Geoff Norcott

The second right wing comedian, Geoff Norcott (I'd link to his website but it hasn't been updated for a while, oops), is definitely a Conservative voter. Having said that even he has been looking gobsmacked at the past few PMs and wondering out loud about their behaviour.

Geoff Norcott is also a regular on the BBC News Quiz and also makes great jokes from a differing pov, it's so refreshing.

Both these fellas have always made me stop and think about the comfortable views I take for granted. First and foremost though, they make me laugh.


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