"I Will Not"

Not being an Aussie I don't have any views about Julia Gillard (seen here as a waxwork in Sydney). I don't know if she was a good MP or PM, I don't know if she represented her constituents well, I don't know if she was fair and kind in her dealings.
Mike and the Waxwork of Julia Gillard (PM of Australia)

I know two things about her.
One: she has Welsh heritage, may have even been born in Wales but I'll leave you to check that.

Two: 10 years ago she gave a speech in the Australian Federal Government that everyone heard. It's been called The Misogyny Speech and when I first saw her give it (all off the cuff) I was blown away. It's for that one speech that I hold Julia Gillard in high esteem, every man should watch it and women can use it as they see fit.


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