Three Bean Salad podcast

The Three Bean Salad podcast will be either completely confusing, definitely not funny, and even annoying ... OR ... one of the funniest things out on the Internet. I, of course, am firmly in the second camp and will often be seen head back as the belly laugh explodes.

So, what is The Three Bean Salad podcast? Let's start with what they say about themselves:
From Mike Wozniak, Henry Paker & Ben Partridge. Each week the three beans tackle a different theme, suggested by the listeners.
That in NO way gives you a sense of the surreal majestic humour held within. As Elis mentioned on this week's Elis James & John Robbins Podcast, one of the greatest stories ever told fell out of Henry on the 7th June episode [39:14].

It may take a few episodes but once you are in then YOU ARE IN for a treat.
Three Bean Salad podcast


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