Elis James and John Robins podcast

The Elis James and John Robins podcast from BBC Radio 5 Live is one for those with a UK connection, and particularly with a Welsh connection, a golfing connection, a sporting (football) connection, a "How should I stack the dishwasher" connection, or a deep deep Queen connection.

Elis is laid back, funny as fuck and very quick. He is also a great one for the accents.

John is an angry young (!) man, can be frustrating as arse, but is also funny as fuck and very VERY quick.
His wanky abbreviations get on my tits, but I live with it as he's worth it.

Together they absolutely click, and it is definitely a podcast for the driving situation.

Oh, and Dave, the producer, is a perfect third wheel, and it' a joy to hear him pull John (mostly) back from the brink of full on advertising and applying the BBC "fairness" policy ... Elis usually dives in and ignoring the rules and says what we're all thinking anyway.

So please, give the podcast a go whilst driving, it makes for the perfect hour or so of great radio listening if the connections are there for you. Not convinced yet, well The Shame Well can be some of the funniest bits of radio you'll ever hear, and it always ends with, "No intent, no harm done", ha ha ha.

Elis James and John Robins podcast

PS: They also have a spin-off podcast called How Do You Cope featuring Elis and John talking to celebrities about mental health issues they have faced. This is most most excellent.


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