Changing My Google Profile

For a long, loooooooong time I've had a Google profile but with the latest updates to Google services I need to update it - this is post keeping the old content (below) for nostalgia :-)

New profile:
My job is to make IT invisible!
It's a simple as that; we shouldn't have to think about the how but concentrate on the why and what we want IT to do for us.

Making this happen for the majority of computer work means moving to the Internet ("cloud computing") as we rarely use a computer without the need to share with someone else. I have written extensively about that on my professional blog

I am so passionate about it I am now part of WaveAdept, a New Zealand-based company with the stated aim of "making IT invisible". WaveAdept is also a leading,authorised Google Apps re-seller.

Because I am such an evangelist of the Internet and it's power to transform people and companies I am also active in keeping the Internet/Web open for all and especially opening up NZ Government use of the web to deliver information and services. For the latest follow @MiramarMike on Twitter

But what about the silly side, the rugby, the music - all catered for on my scatalogical blog and at the many events you'll find me.

Old one

My blog is used to evangelise about websites d'jour, quirky pieces of information on the Web and to get things that intrigue/bother me out of my head. Oh, and I suggest you check out the blog's policies and copyright.

Personal interests include: "Enterprise 2.0" (see work blog), rugby, laughing and generally living life to it's absolute fullest.

How to get in touch

There also many other sites I'm on - check them out on the right. The best and most simple is to leave a comment on my blog!

Getting and staying connected with Mike
I have a web presence that's quite large with me posting, Twittering and connecting using all the social networking sites.
Check out the complete list of 'social networking' sites I use to the right ->

I use FriendFeed (RSS) to draw all these strings together into one place.

Other places I write
I am also a proud contributor to the following:

Misc malarkey about Miramar Mike

"Life's too short to drink bad wine" - Winston Churchill?


  1. Your life story is an interesting book, Mike. It certainly makes good reading. I recon people will buy your book if you turn the whole thing into a paper bag. At the meantime, look forward to the next chapter when you get around to it.

  2. Thank you Michelle, appreciate the comment. Yip, the infamous "next chapter" really needs to be written eh - sometime soon, I promise


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