It's snowing in Christchurch city - part 2

[Updated 2:25pm] Home. It's actually not that bad, all the roads are clear and it doesn't seem to be sticking even though it's falling quite heavily. They reckon it'll clear away later this afternoon. Be interesting what happens when it gets colder though.
(and well done to Fraser and his Web pixies for keeping the CCC website up to date ... much better than last year :-)

And for those up in Auckland - hope it gets better very soon!

What's it like in Wellington? Aha, not so good as I hear on National Radio you're cut off from the rest of the North Island as SH1 is totally shut. Bummer. Bad weather hampering a clean up of a vegetable oil slick ... I kid you not.

[Update: 1:13pm] Still snowing (harder than before) and the lights keep flickering. I'm off home ...


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more pictures l8r ...


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