Lindon Puffin

Good on ya mate - go see LindonEnough of the rugby.

Did you all (in New Zealand-land) see the C4 presentation of 'Lindon Puffin's - Figure 8000'? Here's what said about it:
a 90 minute road movie of Lindon Puffin's tour around NZ. Having fronted glam rock band The Puffins during the late 90's, Lindon has reinvented himself as a solo folk / punk act - this documentary shows beautiful footage of NZ mixed with interviews, live footage, icons & idiots, poetry & porn as Lindon makes his 8000 km journey around the country

I'd never stumbled across Mr Puffin ( before but thought he rocked as a person, had a cracking view of the country, took me to places I'd not been and totally dissed Waipukurau Council which made me giggle (idiots, they totally deserved it). I liked the way he did it - he had a dream, he made it happen, some of it turned into a nightmare, but, he did it, he got off his ass and made something happen. And he's obviously a talented wee fella as well with some cracking songs.

I will definitely be trying to see some of Lindon on my return from the UK - how about you, will I be seeing you ... no, I mean, will you be seeing Lindon? Do it, really, I mean it, you'll feel better after it ... and that's what good live music is all about!

Oh, and if you missed the film then pop along to the Rialto at Newmarket:
... Lindon will be flying '‘all the way up from ChCh'’ to present the Friday 26th Screening of Figure 8000. An informal chat with the audience will follow this showing.

Or, if the thought of actually getting out is a worry, drop $30 his way and you'll get both a DVD and a CD with the soundtrack, well worth it! Here's how (from his site):
Price NZ$30 per copy* (including postage & packaging in NZ)
*Each copy contains both the DVD of Figure 8000 & a CD of the soundtrack!
  • Email your order & details* to
    *(Name, address, contact phone, number of copies)
  • I will return your email, confirming your order and send you both my bank account details & P.O. Box number.
  • Either you deposit your money into my bank via internet banking or post me a cheque or cash. (clearly state your name in the payer details)
  • Once the money is in my bank (or the cheque has cleared) I will post you your very own DVD copy(s) of Figure 8000 (both movie & soundtrack)
Please note: If I am inundated with orders, it might take a couple of weeks to get your copy to you. But have faith, you will get your copy. If for any reason I am unable to fill your order, or your copy is corrupt, (& you didn't damage it) I will either replace your copy free of charge or reimburse your money.

download trailer (29MB Quicktime file)


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