Blast From The Past 2: Soccer team - 1977

One more from the scanned in photo's I've put on Flickr.

Flickr: Wyesham Junior School soccer team - 1977

This was take at Wyesham Junior School soccer team in 1977, a key date in my history. Anyone born after 1977 is, as far as I am concerned, from another planet and doesn't get "me" which, as I know, is a huuuuge sweeping generalisation, but there ya go.

1977 was the year I saw Star Wars alongside the rest of the world and was blown away. There has been no other film that has opened my eyes to th... no, that's not true, LOTR1: The Fellowship Of the Ring. Both those films are milestones in cinema making from a purely spectacular way.

I also went three times to see Grease ... it was awesome. We danced and sang and threw popcorn. Brilliant.

BTW: Have you spotted me in the soccer line-up?

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