Flickr 'Blast From The Past' #1

Now that I've uploaded the vast majority of my photo collection (nearly 10,000) I thought I'd pull out an interesting photo once a week for a giggle.

Flickr: Birthday do - Francie, Mike, Dave and Dianne
First up is one from Francie's birthday (she's in the front doing things with her hair). The dapper young man in the black shirt with the thin white tie is myself and the guy with his hands on his hips is the reason I've popped this photo up.

His name is Dave (surname .... evades me but it's so darned close, ooh I hate that ...) and he taught me around 60% of what I use at work today. None of this is technical and all of it is how to impart information in such a manner that the receiver thinks they've discovered themselves. I have to say I am still practicing.

He also has a signature tune that I will never EVER forget. He would wander the St Ivel offices whistling the Magic Moments tune which, once heard, is with you for the rest of the working day. I still hear it and think of him which makes me grin wildly and I love it.

He was (and probably, hopefully still is) an absolute gent, a cracking person and had a huge influence on my working life.


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