Junk mail please, we love it here in Christchurch

Image hosted by Photobucket.comFollowing on from my exposes on the Christchurch-ian (!) ways with 'person powered lawn mowers' and 'non car hornage use' I now wish to put the spotlight on Christchurch postboxes and, more importantly, the lack of the "No Junk Mail" signs.

In Wellington (where the sun always shines, the wind is a power for pollution removal and there's too much to do in the 24hours given) it is probably common place to see "No Junk Mail" (or equivalent) on the majority of post boxes. This doesn't mean that junk mail is never delivered in the capital just there are more people making it known that it's gonna go straight into the recycling bin.

Here in Christchurch I would imagine that the junk mail ends up the same way, recycled or at the very least chucked into the bin. BUT, on my meanderings around the various suburbs (and I'm not just talking Redwood here) I have noticed that there are very few "No Junk Mail" (or equivalent) signs on the post boxes.

What can this mean?
I dunno ... you tell me!

Do Christchurch-ites enjoy the fact that there is something in their post box virtually every day? Are they happy to support the direct marketing industry? Are they simply too lazy to stick the signs onto the post box and have them gathering dust in the bottom drawer in the kitchen?

Do they not know there are such signs (or equivalent)?

Or is it that most Christchurch-evites are the same as a few of the Riversdale household and love to read junk mail. They devour the Warehouse 'brochure', avidly engage with the latest Farmers outpouring and can't wait for the latest freebie ad-paper.

I detest such waste of resources - my time, the delivers time, the paper and ink used, the brain power of the people that create them ... everything, everything about them I detest (sorry Mandy).

But, the shopping adverts, the freebie ad-papers and the self-printed 'handy man' (and the like) bits and pieces are nothing compared to the Estate Agent cardboard crap. I just have no idea who that's aimed at!?!


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