Wot no tootle?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe bus slammed it's breaks on and the car that had performed the 'interesting' maneuver merely pulled away at the lights and went on its merry way.

It's been a long contention of mine that the Kiwi's are, generally, the worse drivers in the world ... but that's not what I want to burden you all with at the moment. What I'm finding quite strange is that here, in Christchurch, everyone (massive generalisation!) seems to accept the horrendous driving of others and let them get on with it.

Now this isn't something that'll happen in other cities of New Zealand. If you do something that causes annoyance to those around you you'll certainly get to hear about it. You will be tootled*

Here in Christchurch, the city of gardens, underlying violence, conservatism, one-eyed rugby fans and truly some of the worst driving I've ever seen ... here in Christchurch people very rarely let loose and tell people, via a vigorous tootle on the old horn, that they've nearly died.

And I think it's all about not making a fuss.


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