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Super 14 and All Blacks for 2006

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Next years rugby season is starting to be fleshed out.

Whilst the All Black games have been announced there are no actual dates so, someone who is as anal about such things, may be left wanting more. Yes, I am!

But the Super 14 (fourteen ... crickey, one more nail in the coffin of the NPC) dates have all been announced. Unfortunately the only team that matters to me, Hurricanes, don't actually have any home venues listed so I'm a bit lost as to where I'll be on those nights, hee hee.

I've talked about the over abundance of rugby before (somewhere, do a search on the MiramarMike blog) and how it's left me a little jaded. Down here in Christchurch of course it's the centre of the universe and whilst I'm sure it plays a little part in the success of their teams I don't believe it leads to a full lifestyle but hey, that's not for me to commen... oh, it is for me to comment on, it's my blog :-)

Oh, did you see Snatch Our Booty last night? One of the games has a guy (James Gemmell) out on the streets of NZ where he has to perform a task. The teams back in the studio guess how long/how many/what type will be the answer.

Example needed - coming right up sir:
James on street in Hamilton - task was to ask for a hug from guys. Question, how many will it take before he gets a hug.

Last night: Dude in Cashell Street (centre of Christchurch) wearing an Auckland Blues rugby jersey and carrying a flag. Question, how long before he got banter from the locals.
Answer: 22 seconds.

Would this happen as quickly anywhere else?