National Museum of Iceland

If I insisted upon a visit to a museum for a few hours would you a) Revolt; b) Whoop!

In the right mood I can be lost inside a museum for hours upon hours as I gaze upon weird items revelling in their labelled history.

The National Museum of Iceland is an intriguing visit. The building is grand, the articles inside are fascinating, and the small café is perfect.

It's quite a traditional museum, a lot of things to look at and read labels of - yay! From memory there's a lot of religious stuff, which I'm less interested in, although the angels were quite bizarre.

All in all, I'm glad I went. And as I left it started snowing which made me giddy with childish excitement.

Ok, so, what about this item? Well, it represents all the items I photographed and, um, it's wood, made of wood, and it's got a face, a quite lovely carved Viking-esque face, and it all looks like a dagger, maybe, perhaps, a wooden face dagger, no?

Ok, I'll Google it ... Oh, no, it's not a Viking, it's Jeebus, the Christ fella, circa 1200, from Ufsir, and carved in birch, so I got the wood bit right.

Jesus is definitely sporting a fantastic Viking beard and moustache though. My photo doesn't show that it's legs at the bottom not a point, so absolutely not a dagger.

It's another religious item, I should've guessed.


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