To / From The Bridge

On Tibbs Bridge looking up to the back of Market Hall on Priory Street. And then on Priory Street look back down to the bridge.

And then on the bridge looking up. And then looking down.

Up. Down.
Collage of 2 portrait photos of buildings and a bridge over a river. LEFT: brown river flows past trees on the left and a built up stone bank with buildings on top. In the distance a church spire can be seen. RIGHT: Looking back down the river from near the buildings, a stone path near the river leading to steps up the bank. The bridge is a simple metal affair.
To reach Monmouth's pleasure gardens [1780s] you had to cross Tibbs' Bridge, built on the foundations of the medieval castle bridge. (British Museum)

Er mwyn mynd i erddi pleser Trefynwy, rhaid oedd i chi groesi Pont Tibbs a oedd wedi ei hadeiladu ar sylfeini pont y castell canoloesol. (Amgueddfa Prydain)


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