The Old Monmouth Bridges

As the River Wye leaves Monmouth heading into the Wye Valley it passes under and by two old bridges.

The Iron Bridge as it's known locally, the R&MR Duke of Beaufort Bridge* as it would like to be known, is now a local path across the Wye, lovely wee walk.

The large stone viaduct is the more impressive and photogenic, with it's girder crossing removed it looks all ruin-y and poetic against the valley hills.
Monmouth Viaduct, the old iron bridge, with the river flowing and dark clouds above

* I have an ongoing to and fro with Google Maps as they refuse to accept my English name of "R&MR Duke of Beaufort Bridge" against the Hungarian one, "Beaufort herceg híd", that's been plonked on. I've managed to get the marker moved to the correct place but still that name fight continues ...


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