Mark Watson

The first of my Savoy Theatre evenings in Monmouth, what an amazing venue with so many top acts appearing on stage!

Mark Watson was very late for this gig, about 2 hours. Totally not his fault, he caught a train in plenty of time but it then got to Swindon and stopped, permanently. There was no way to get him, and his kids, to Monmouth. But hang on, the manager of the Savoy hopped into the car and drove to get him, at speeds that would make ya hair go curly.

Mark then dived in stage and did a most excellent and somewhat improvised (discussing his travel woes) show. It was a tour de force, going with the flow and turning lemons into sparkling lemonade.
Comedian Mark Watson on stage with hands out explaining the travails of life. The stage is backlit orange and blue, spotlights shine down from above.

Incidentally, Mark Watson is a fine author and his book Contacts is a must read, I adore it.


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