Archway, Henry Burton Court

My daily photo can allow me to lose myself on the web as I try to work out what the photo is actually of and it's specific history. During my London photos this happened frequently, with my Monmouth/Trefynwy and wider Wales snaps I'm gonna need to give myself hours each day.

So, this turns out to be an archway (for no apparent reason than it looks good) in Henry Burton Court and Almshouse for the elderly just off Glendower Street.

These Grade II listed almshouses were funded by Colonel Henry Burton, V.D., and Mrs S.E. Burton and built in 1928.
This almshouse charity caters for: [elderly] persons who have resided for more than 5 years within the Monmouthshire area. Both cats & dogs generally accepted, but not to be replaced.
I have spend ages trying to find anything about the Burtons but have returned with nothing. Anyone out there able to point me in any useful direction?
Well used driveway curves towards a steepled archway that joins two modest red brick houses. The pointed steeples either side of the archway (all in red brick and proved in slate) also have tall chimneys alongside. Behind it all are the trees of a public park.


  1. From what I can find on the National Library of Wales site (the old newspapers section) and other snippets here and there, there are almshouses in Newport, Caerwent and Monmouth which were built in memory of Col. Henry Burton who died in 1908 whilst the first of these almshouses was still under construction. An obituary is here:


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