UK Pubs, The Best

Having recently returned from the UK this a continuation of a short series of "Things I've noticed whilst being in the UK" posts.

There's a number of pub related things I've noticed, so let's get into them ...

Spicy tomato juice with all the garnishes

Is spicy tomato juice a thing in pubs?

I visited a number of London pubs, all of those in Monmouth (Wales), a sprinkling around all of Wales, and some in the Cotswolds. And every place was a little out of sorts when I asked for a Spicy Tomato juice ("Virgin Mary"). People seemed to know that it was a thing but they either didn't have the ingredients or the know how. Was I just unlucky or is it not a thing in the UK?

Small bar and restaurant in Wales, set up for Christmas.

Pubs in Wales DON'T have bouncers.

It's a joy to just walk into a pub without having to worry that you might not be let in. I've never ever been stopped at a bar by a bouncer, ever, but still, when I walk in I am on edge. Same feeling as going through airport security and / or customs.

People standing at a bar in Wales.

Is standing at the bar in the way of those trying to get served normal? Has it always been like this?

In Aotearoa New Zealand you don't stand at the bar. You walk up, order you drinks, pay for them and then fuck off out of the way for the next person.

I am convinced this used to be the way in Wales back in the day (yes, no?), but now standing and drinking and chatting with your mates at the bar seems to be a thing. It's fucking dumb.

Kings Head Hotel, Monmouth (Wales) facade with entrance cover and Welsh flag.

Weatherpsoons ("Spoons") is commonly known shorthand for a shit pub, sticky carpet, and sad old men. The Kings Head in Monmouth is absolutely fine. That's not to say that the owner of Spoons isn't a total cunt.

I don't know, is it upward snobbery? Or is it a reaction to success / tall poppy syndrome? In the UK everyone has a view on Weatherpsoons pubs, they either like them or they hate them, but everyone will have a view. So weird.

Outside a Cotswold bar and restaurant

No-one does pubs like the Welsh, English, Scottish, Irish. No-one.

There's bars all over the world. Some, especially Irish, are copied and emulated all over the world. There is nothing like a UK pub, they are simply the best.


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