The Toothbrush Is Welsh

I'm pushing facts up hill with very little conviction with this one.

The Reinast Luxury Toothbrush

The dude who invented the toothbrush as we know it, a Mr William Addis in 1770, created the Addis company and they opened the first Wisdom factory in Swansea in 1965. Tentative I know, I wouldn't stand next to it as a fact at all so don't ask.

Addis was founded in 1780 by an English Entrepreneur, William Addis. In 1770, William was sent to prison for causing a riot. Whilst in prison, he decided that the current method to clean teeth at the time could be improved upon. To that end, he saved a small animal bone from a meal, drilled small holes in the bone, and obtained bristles which he then tied in tufts and passed through the holes in the bone, finally sealing with glue to create the world’s first toothbrush.

btw, that photo is of the most expensive toothbrush out there, a mere US$4,000. We are a fucked up species eh.


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