Sinéad O'Connor, RIP, 56

She died yesterday as of writing, but I suspect I won't post this for a few weeks.

I wrote the above on 27th July, 2023, quite a few weeks ago from when I'm writing this.

It's tough to see people leave. People that die, people that move on, people that fade away, people that simply disappear.

The life we have, with the songs and singers in them, always feels permanent, that this is the way it can only be. Sometimes that is a comfort and we don't want it to change, for others it's a prison from which they fight to break free of.

Sinead O'Connor seemed to be both a constant in my life and a new person every time she arrived. Her shining talent, immense honesty and integrity, was always there, reassuring me that some things are permanent. 

Nothing is permanent.
I miss her, the world is worse without her, I hope others step up t---- maybe I should do something instead of hoping for such things.

I am 56 after all.

Cheers to you Sinead, I hope you loved and were loved.


  1. Nice Mike
    I think as we age, as we begin to lose connections to a previously solid, reliable past we notice and that brings it’s own anxiety and knowledge of the transient nature of our persistent lives. Thanks for drawing my attention to it again.
    She was a point source of open emotion


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