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QBC Love Heart

High on the Queenscliff near the Manly Wormhole is a vibrant love heart.

Each of the above words I have said before, but in that order with that meaning, never 😀

"High" - dangerously high!

"Queenscliff" - north end of Manly Beach (Sydney, NSW, Australia)

"Manly Wormhole", ok this is a big one. 
The Wormhole, also known as the Queenscliff Tunnel, was said to be constructed by local fishermen back in 1908. These local fishermen carved up this tunnel as a shortcut for them to reach Freshwater Beach up north from Manly.

"QBC love heart", and this has a story to love as well.
Competition day became a mystery whodunnit, everyone talking about the heart. Who was responsible?! Would there be any repercussions?! Well, the original three are still a mystery to most and no repercussions have ever come about.
Painted love heart with '45' inside next to the letters 'QBC' high on Sydney ocean cliffs