Gogglebox, A UK Delight

Having recently returned from the UK this a continuation of a short series of "Things I've noticed whilst being in the UK" posts.

I've never seen Gogglebox. I hate the concept, the very idea is fucked. I watched an episode and I am hooked. The best drunk watch in years.
Gogglebox couple discussing a type of chocolate
What can I say, my note made at the time says it all. 

For those that don't know, Googlebox is a UK* reality TV programme that has a series of couples filmed as they watch TV. I know, it's gotta be the end of times, when reality TV finally eats itself. 

I loved it.

Stay with me. So, the TV shows they watch are ones that are being shown during the time that Gogglebox comes out so they are all in the minds of those that watch the programmes. They get previews, of course.

But it's not about the TV programmes they are watching it's all about the people and their reactions. The posh old couple and their reactions to shock moments in EastEnders, the cool as lads and how they get hooked and totally involved in University Challenge, and the old Welsh couple chatting about their sex life as they watch a naked moment.

The producers magic is choosing the people AND editing the finest of moments.

It's awesome.

* I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Gogglebox is franchised around the world.


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