What Wrist For The Watch?

 I have always worn my watch on my right hand.

With my fancy Pixel smart watch the "winder" (called the "crown") isn't something I've ever used even though it's useful - pressing it brings up apps whilst turning it scrolls through options.

I always thought it was dumb, coz when I did it my left hand and arm would cover the watch face so I couldn't see what was on it. Well that's dumb eh!?

And then, it struck me a week ago, oh, most/all right handed people wear their watches on the left wrist. Aha, that would mean the crown is accessible and the watch face is not covered


So, I'm trying it.

Man not happy wearing his Pixel watch on his 'other' hand

It. Feels. Weird.

My whole body is screaming, WTF, it's on the wrong wrist. The skin doesn't know what's happening .


I was searching for other solutions to my watch dilemma and up popped Wear your watch this way  from Reddit user NinjaWhoSaysNi with these words:

Fiddling around in settings and realized you can flip the watch so the crown is on the left side ...

Of course! This is a smart watch, a computer on my wrist. If I "turn it upside down" and have the crown pointing to my hand the wee computer will, once told, flip the face around and I can now use my left hand to push/turn the crown.


Pixel watch in the right hand but with the crown facing the wrist

Happy man with his amended Pixel watch on his right hand


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