Naughty Shop Names

On Jackson Street in Petone there live two shops with naughty names, right next to each other.

Handles, Knockers and Knobs needs no explanation. It is also a great description of what they sell.

Wanda Harland on the other hand doesn't jump out as a naughty shop name. The cool clothing and accessories business was started by Martha Craig back in 2007 and I believe it is her porn name, you know the "Take the first pet you had and add the street you grew up on" sort of thing.


In research as to when the Wanda Harland shop first opened I visit their website and the following is on their 'about us' page:
Where does the name “Wanda Harland” come from?
Martha had a tooth fairy called Wanda, and was going to be called Harland if she’d been a boy. The name Wanda Harland stuck when she was flatting in the biggest party flat the world has known, and faux names were bandied about freely.
Seems I was talking bullshit, LOL
'Wanda Harland' and 'Handles, Knockers and Knobs' shop signs (brutal black and white)


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