Wellington's Public Telechron

At the junction of Courtenay Place, Taranaki Street, Manners Street, and Dixon Street, and near the (very) old toilets now the fine Lucky takeaway is a large clock.
Wellington public clock at night
It's a clock that has been there for ages, keeping and displaying it's time for the day workers and the nighttime party people.

Was only recently that I actually looked up at and I saw the word, "Telechron", you can see it there yourself in all its scrawly oldy-worldy gloriousness.
Close-up of the public Wellington clock showing it's central wording
Not just a clock then, a "Telechron", and a Telechron straight from the Warren Telechron Co. Mass ... which I instantly used my brain and knew meant Massachusetts.

What the fuck is a Telechron? Off we go Wikipedia: Telechron
Telechron is the name of a U.S. company that manufactured electric clocks between 1912 and 1992.
Oooh, electric, and on we learn ...
Founded by Henry Ellis Warren, Telechron introduced the synchronous electric clock, which keeps time by the oscillations of the alternating current electricity that powers it from the electric power grid. Telechron had its heyday between 1925 and 1955, when it sold millions of electric clocks to American consumers.
And obviously to the Wellington City Council at some point. Despite a good hard Google session I can't find out any information about this particular clock ... I'm sure there's stuff out there in archives.

Now I know what a Telechron is.
I also know how this clock just keeps on going, it's directly plugged into the mains.


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