14 Commons Traits Of Fascism

This list is by Umberto Eco as outlined in his 1995 essay Ur-Fascism via the Open Culture website - read and ponder the list, sure, but then go read the original essay.

1: The cult of tradition

“One has only to look at the syllabus of every fascist movement to find the major traditionalist thinkers. The Nazi gnosis was nourished by traditionalist, syncretistic, occult elements.”

2: The rejection of modernism

“The Enlightenment, the Age of Reason, is seen as the beginning of modern depravity. In this sense Ur-Fascism can be defined as irrationalism.”

3: The cult of action for action’s sake

 “Action being beautiful in itself, it must be taken before, or without, any previous reflection. Thinking is a form of emasculation.”

4: Disagreement is treason

“The critical spirit makes distinctions, and to distinguish is a sign of modernism. In modern culture the scientific community praises disagreement as a way to improve knowledge.”

5: Fear of difference

“The first appeal of a fascist or prematurely fascist movement is an appeal against the intruders. Thus Ur-Fascism is racist by definition.”

6: Appeal to social frustration

“One of the most typical features of the historical fascism was the appeal to a frustrated middle class, a class suffering from an economic crisis or feelings of political humiliation, and frightened by the pressure of lower social groups.”

7: The obsession with a plot

“Thus at the root of the Ur-Fascist psychology there is the obsession with a plot, possibly an international one. The followers must feel besieged.”

8: The enemy is both strong and weak

“By a continuous shifting of rhetorical focus, the enemies are at the same time too strong and too weak.”

9: Pacifism is trafficking with the enemy

“For Ur-Fascism there is no struggle for life but, rather, life is lived for struggle.”

10: Contempt for the weak

“Elitism is a typical aspect of any reactionary ideology.”

11: Everybody is educated to become a hero

“In Ur-Fascist ideology, heroism is the norm. This cult of heroism is strictly linked with the cult of death.”

12: Machismo and weaponry

“Machismo implies both disdain for women and intolerance and condemnation of nonstandard sexual habits, from chastity to homosexuality.”

13: Selective populism

“There is in our future a TV or Internet populism, in which the emotional response of a selected group of citizens can be presented and accepted as the Voice of the People.”

14: Ur-Fascism speaks Newspeak

“All the Nazi or Fascist schoolbooks made use of an impoverished vocabulary, and an elementary syntax, in order to limit the instruments for complex and critical reasoning.”

Considering the list how many describe you, the political parties you support, the group's you hang out with, the info you follow?

It is against this list that I found no qualms in calling Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull ("Posie Parker") a fascist.

An eye looking at a stylised crowd, a symbol of control in a totalitarian state


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