The Energy Of Being A Woman

It's a man's world.

This has been patently obvious to women for centuries. But in the past decade it's becoming more transparent to some men too, as more people call it and more of us notice.

Take the recent attack on NZ women by, weirdly, a woman who flew here to yell at women whilst being supported by fascists. This allowed even more Kiwis to see what it is to be a woman and the absolute shit they have to put up with.

However, the rise in modern rightwing tendencies are akin to turd surfers riding in on the effluent wave of ancient and ongoing behaviour that women have to endure day in day out, year upon year, century after century.

I'm a white, 56 year-old man. So why I should I care, it's a mans world after all, a white man's world at that.

This might be controversial but I actually like women. I know, strange eh. I love some, I like most, and a few I'd rather never see again, but that's not because they are women but rather they are arseholes.

A while ago a friend of mine had an inappropriate text interaction with a man that I happened to be standing next to. I was asked by the man, as he was challenged to pull his head in, if it was an appropriate thing to say. No!!!

Of course I checked with my friend and her reply was awesome:

Not a me problem lol. Thanks for the back up though.

True, totally not her problem BUT brain energy had to be spent and it shouldn't have to be.

Cards on the table, I messed up a while ago and whilst my intentions were honourable if silly it was the fact that I caused a woman to have to spend brain energy on it and reminded her of the man's world we live in. I was annoyed with myself and apologised.

A man's world means not having to spend any brain energy on 'being'. We very rarely have to think, "Should I walk down that packed street", or, "What did they mean by that?", or, "Should I wear this?"

When you have any interaction with a woman, think of the bain energy load you will be adding with that "joke", that remark, that assumption, that "sneak peak".

Lessen the load for all the women in your life.

Wāhine Aotearoa New Zealand MPs

Thanks to all that read the initial draft and helped me get my thoughts in line.


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