PowrUp podcast

Nat Ferguson and Kirsten Lunman are amazing wahine and it's a pleasure to know them AND to hear them, which you can now do with their newly released podcast, PowrUp
For as long as they can remember, Nat and Kristen have challenged the status quo. In 2018, they co-founded investing platform Hatch, and rewrote the wealth stories of one hundred and eighty thousand New Zealanders. 

Five years and one tech exit later, they put their heads up for the first time and were shocked to see little change in the representation of women in leadership positions. In 2022, women were at the helm of just eight percent of large companies, and occupied less than 30% of board seats. 

It was time for a new challenge.
PowrUp podcast
PS: Nat was one of originals on Access Granted and together they appeared a number of times, seriously these are clever people with a directed passion to help all women in business - do not think this podcast is just about startups/tech, is mostly certainly is not!


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