Hanging In Every Single NZ F&C Shop

Show any Kiwi anywhere in the world and it will elicit 3 reactions:
  1. Depending on where you are:
    • INSIDE NZ: "Ha ha ha, d'ya know that poster is in every fish & chip shop in New Zealand." 
    • OUTSIDE NZ: "Wow, that takes me back."
  2. "So you know that the best fish & chips is from [FILL IN NAME]. Best evah!"
  3. "I can't remember the last time I had proper fish and chips!"
'New Zealand Commercial Fish Species' poster in a fish & chip shop.

Just like pies, muffins, and beer there is a healthy NZ-wide pride in knowing that the best f&c comes from your local just down the road, "The fish is caught fresh that day!"


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