First Date

I met Sara through the apps towards the end of lockdown and so it took a wee while before we could actually meet up.

"How about a coffee, or maybe a wander along a beach near you?" These things tend to be safe and slightly beige at the start.

We chatted on and then I happened to mention how I love taking photos of cemeteries (who doesn't!). 

"I hear the Karori graveyard is pretty cool but I've never been."

"OMG, it's amazing!, said the Karori woman.

Our first date was so much fun, wandering around the tombs, along the graves, up one side and down the other, as we chatted away getting to know each other a little.

We had a kiss in the carpark and I drove away with a massive smile on my face and my heart fluttering slightly.

And so started a friendship that has had a profound and positive affect on my life ever since.

♥️ Sara
Grave statue in Karori Cemetery


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