Best Support Is To Buy

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Mastodon (the big four 'social media' services) make it so easy to "show support", a Like, a Thumbs Up, or even a re-post, all showing that you really really like that thing the person is doing.

We all feel like we've "done our bit".

On their other end there is person showing off their wares, and I don't mean via "advertising", but those that actually take time to pop a post out with a "look, I make things" - yes it's advertising in a sense but it's more personal, and often it's the local people doing it this way and not the big companies who set the advertising machine up and let it do it's thing for them.

On the other end of that lost you Liked there is a person. They are of course grateful to you for starring their post, they definitely appreciate a re-share.

On the other end is a person that actually wants you to buy some of their thing. That's what they want you to do.

The best support you can ever show someone is to put your hand in your pocket and pay for some of their things.

Often we don't even think that's an option. "It's not for me, it's probably too expensive, I'm definitely not the target audience."

You know what, showing support by buying some of what they're offering can be just about showing support.

This can be you buying a bunch of stickers from Pepper Racoon even though you're not queer. This can be you buying a book from an author even though you aren't sure it's your thing. Sometimes it's you in a large organisation going with the local option even though you know it may be a little harder to initially use but you want to support the local industry. Perhaps you can pop some money in a PledgeMe campaign to a shop you'll never visit again but it's memory gives you warm fuzzies.

The best way to show support is to buy something from them. Not the whole shop, not everything they have on offer, just something.

Of course, jeep Thumbs Up-ing, always reshare, but support in a truly material way to that person on the other end goes so much further.


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