A Truly Red Letter Day

Level 3, April 27th, 2020.

We were now allowed a little more freedom, in essence takeaways.

I can't remember why but I didn't take advantage of this until Saturday 2nd May. I suspect I was doing just fine and didn't need to get out amongst it.

Also Gladys, our new cat, had done another runner and been gone for a few days, le sigh.

Early evening and I went to the Miramar New World for some groceries. OMG, the Roxy coffee cart was there serving actual real coffee. I had the last of their shift and they gave it to me for free. I had a little cry in the car as I sipped on the good stuff.

A very short drive to pick up our Indian takeaway and I didn't give a hoot that it took nearly an hour, OMG, just the smell in the car was good enough for me.

Whilst waiting my daughter text me to say that Gladys was back, YAY!

And finally, a delivery of local beer arrived just as I parked the car in the garage.

The first coffee, a delicious curry, gorgeous beer, a returned cat, and a happy daughter. This Level 3 day will remain with me forever.

Saturday 2nd May, 2020.
Collage of coffee sign, beer bottles, queue for Indian takeaway, and cat near girl looking at her laptop


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