Judge A Country By How The Citizens Treat Their

It's a truism to judge, and I mean "judge" (make a call on someone's character and to act as you see it) upon how they treat the person serving their food in a restaurant.

Or to judge them by how they interact with the reception people.

Or how they see, or don't, the people that do the office cleaning.

It's fine to judge, in the moment, and with curiosity about why they did what they did. Who knows anyone and what is going on for them.

Same goes for state entities, or "countries" if you want. To judge them on anything, judge them on how deal with their women, their incarcerated, their poor, their weak, their "others" be they gay, black, 'foreign', or just different.

Upon these judge, but also be aware that none of us on the outside know anyone and what is going on for them 

UK and USA, I am absolutely judging you as you slip further and further into a place that treats their women, their gay, their non-white, their "other", their incoming, with contempt and as less.

Farm animal judging at a Welsh Agriculture Show


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