A Wellington City Council Meeting

It was on the cards that the Wellington City Councilors were going to declare a Climate Emergency

At the time I had some good friends in Council and, seeing as I hadn't been to an official Council thingy before, along I went to see how they worked and what would happen.

It was a packed room.

That's not to say it was well attended, 40 or so Wellingtonians is a mere drop in the water compared to the 215,900 that could've been there.

Whilst the majority were along to express their desire for an official Climate Emergency statement this was not the only item on the public session agenda.

First it was parking issues and fixing a gate (I think). It was quite the whinge fest I can tell you. BUT, without them the councillors can become divorced from reality and people totally unengaged so I'm all for it, just never want to sit through one ever again.

The main event came and went with a majority vote for claiming / announcing / declaring a Climate Emergency.

No-one really was against it, but some councillors voted No to state their belief it was a waste of time as nothing would actually change.

This was in June 2019.

Maybe they were correct all along*
Citizens and Councillors at a Wellington City Council meeting


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