Northern Hemisphere trip

It's been a thing for my family and friends, am I gonna go to the northern hemisphere this year, 2022.

"I'm not gonna make the call until my birthday."

Of course the options were all about getting back into Aotearoa New Zealand. In our COVID world we can leave any country whenever we want, money allowing. But can one get back in?

The MIQ system here in AoNZ has been amazing, it has protected our borders for more months than we count, it has kept the virus out and has been amazing.

Omicron, by fuck it take someone to sneeze on a handle and 15 seconds later you are positive. Yes, someone sneezed and it was in. As I write we have had another 18,000 positive tests and I have neighbours with it and mates struggling through.

AoNZ Health Ministry Of Health (MoH) weren't stupid and knew this was gonna be the deal. And so changed the way we deal with it all. One effect was to know that fortress Aotearoa is not useful anymore.

So, the borders are opening up. I can indeed, as a New Zealand citizen, leave and come back without having to stay in a hotel for 2 weeks. I can go AND come back.

As we swam towards March it became easier to make the call. COVID is no longer a reason I can't go.

Putin. A European war. WWIII. What the fuck!

But fuck it, if I'm gonna go up in a flash of nuclear power then so be it.

I am now gonna make plans ... looking at August, saving hard as it might get VERY expensive, but let's try our best eh.


See you in one, some, or all.

NOTE: There is a non-nuclear caveat that is ongoing and I may change this due to whanau illness that may mean I postpone for the kids.
Plane flying away


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