The Museum of Curiosity show

The Museum Of Curiosity is straight out of the QI stable, co-hosted by John Lloyd (the Professor Of Ignorance) and a series changing Curator of the museum - I think it's always a comedian. Currently, in series 16, this is the very fast and funny Holly Walsh.

There's a lovely John Lloyd video from 2013 explaining what the show is (and isn't).

In essence the virtual and infinitely sized Museum Of Curiosity invites 3 people along each week to donate an item for all to see and wonder at - these can be anything and everything, a feeling, an actual object, the universe, anything at all. We then hear why it should be preserved and exhibited and what it means to the person - it's fascinating stuff.

The Museum Of Curiosity show

Why do I call this a 'show' and not a 'podcast' - coz Google is forcing me to!

As you know I have a series of podcast articles outlining a stack of the kick ass shows out there. I used to use Pocket Casts as my go to podcast app, and when Google allow it to be integrated into the Google Home and Assistant I am highly likely to go back - it is by far the best podcast app out there for Android, iOS, or Web.

So, I wanna get at my podcasts on my Home devices and control them with my voice (pause, stop, another one etc etc), fancy eh. And that means I HAVE to use the Google Podcast app. Now, it's ok, but it's certainly no Pocket Casts - but I will survive until Pocket Cast gets integrated like Spotify has.

BUT, there is a massive issue with this ... the BBC and Google don't like each other when it comes to podcasts. In essence Google aren't giving the BBC the stats they want, and so they've blocked almost all podcasts from being used in the Google Podcast app.

And so I have two 'podcast' apps - Google Podcasts for everything not BBC and BBC Sounds for ... exactly. It's a pain but I've got used to it, and the BBC Sounds app is more than just podcasts, so that's cool. And that's why I', not sure if this is a 'podcast' or a 'show'.


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