Rugby Union: A New Rule Proposal

During games there are chances to take a kick through the posts (and over the post, you know what I mean) to gain points.

A successful conversion of a try gives 2 points whilst a successful penalty kick gains 3 points. A drop kick, rare these days, gives 3 points.

Every now and again a kick will hit either the left or right upright and extremely rare land on the crossbar. These ricochet around either over for the points of back into play for a lolly scramble.

Rugby kick hits every post before a try taken

So, I'm proposing an addition to this situation ...

BEFORE any intentional kick for points (conversion, penalty, or drop kick) the kicker must indicate to, and be acknowledged by, the referee that they are going for either the left upright, or right upright, or the cross bar.

a) IF the ball directly hits the nominated upright at or above the level of the cross bar THEN it is 5 points.

b) IF the ball directly hits the cross bar AND goes over THEN it is 7 points.

IF either situation 'a' OR 'b' AND the nominated upright or cross bar is not directly hit THEN no points are awarded (even if the ball goes through as per a traditional kick).


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