Off Menu podcast

You know how it goes with most podcasts, invite a guest along, put them in a situation, use that to find out about their life and outlooks. It's what we did with Access Granted NZ, it's what most podcasts I listen to do, and it's bloody hard to make engaging week in week out.

When you are top UK comedians Ed Gamble and James Acaster it's probably no easier but man alive they make it sound like it is. Especially James Acaster, he just does what the fuck he wants without (mostly) shagging up the format.

The Off Menu podcast is a lot of fun asking the guest what are the components of their perfect meal, starting with still or sparkling water and ending with, what desert? It of course raises the question, "Poppadom or bread? POPPADOM OR BREAD??" ... I think it will have to be bread, just as Meera Syal wanted, warm, crusty and with salty butter.

I'd urge you to go back through their back catalogue as there are some classics among them, and if you need a starting point make sure you don't miss Miriam Margolyes.


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