On Being An Official Reference In The Shelley Bay Shenanigans

Back in August 2014 I popped up an article titles, When Miramar Was A Lake, all based on a photo from the NZ National Library they had shared on Flickr. It was, when I lived on the 6022 Peninsula a fascinating read and I was chuffed to have found it.

You'll notice that in 2017 an unknown user left a comment

Hey Mike, just saw that this page is linked in the Shelly Bay Cultural Assessment document. :-)

Ok, so I may not be the quickest off the mark with seeing that, but here we are. Um, linked in the what now? This is a job for Google ... and I found it https://wellington.govt.nz/-/media/property-rates-and-building/resource-consents/files/hashaa-applications/shelly-bay/shelly-bay-2019/appendix-13-shelly-bay-cultural-impact-statementa13-cultural-impact-statement.pdf

Shelly Bay Cultural Assessment document

And there I am, at the very end, page 25 ... a reference to my post.

Funny old world eh ...


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